OMEGA Cleaner
OMEGA Cleaner
OMEGA Cleaner
OMEGA Cleaner

OMEGA Cleaner

  • Product Code: PMN14-OMG.1
  • Manufacturer: PERMANON
  • Packing: 1 Lt

Special Cleaner OMEGA from Permanon easily removes inorganic mineral soiling.

Strong acidic cleaner.

Quickly and thoroughly removes limescale deposits, soap residue on glass, plastic, aluminium, ceramic and acryli.

For use in sinks, bathtubs, tiles on the wall, toilet, shower cubicle, toilets and basin taps.

The Omega limescale cleaner reliably removes water stains on the partition wall in the shower and in the bathroom.

Particularly effective removes stubborn limescale and limescale stains and is gentle on all surfaces of your sinks and basins.

Depending on the soiling, the concentrate is diluted with 50 ml to 100 ml to one litre of water. For stubborn stains, also higher concentrated

Extremely well-suited for the pre-cleaning of various surfaces, exterior cleaning of trains, truck tarpaulins, marquee tents and in public facilities.

Usage in Bathroom, Glass, Toilet, Ceramic, Plastic, Shower, Bathtub.

Available in 1Lt

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