HECTA Cleaner
HECTA Cleaner
HECTA Cleaner
HECTA Cleaner

HECTA Cleaner

  • Product Code: PMN14-HC.1
  • Manufacturer: PERMANON
  • Packing: 1 Lt

Special cleaner Hecta was designed for the optimum removal of stubborn contaminants caused by oil, fuel, diesel, algae or other organic contaminants.

Hecta is predestined for the following contaminants:

  • oil grease
    waste oil incrustations fuel
    fuel residues
    diesel and heating oil contamination
    moss and algae
    any kinds of fats and oils

Highly concentrated, alkaline power cleaner is suitable for the most demanding use.
Permanon Hecta continues to set new standards in environmentally sound productivity.
It has been developed particularly for the external cleaning of motors, transmission, cylinder banks, and mechanical equipment.
It is also ideally suited for commercial kitchens, hotels and restaurants where surfaces need to be cleaned, which have been soiled with fats of any kind.

Available in 1Lt

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