Noniron Club Shirt Slim
Noniron Club Shirt Slim

Noniron Club Shirt Slim

Yacht Crew Wear
  • Product Code: 13129
  • Manufacturer: MARINEPOOL
  • Color: WHITE
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The perfect shirt - the self-smoothing Club Shirt from Marinepool. In addition to the regular straight fit, this shirt comes in a slim fit. The Nonirion series is characterized by the self-smoothing cotton fabric. Due to the innovative type of binding, the fabric no longer creases. So just shake the garment after washing and let dry on air to have an optimally smooth shirt. Even after several washes, the fabric does not lose this property. • self-smoothing • slim Fit • button-down collar • breast pocket • cuffs with additional buttonhole for cufflinks Color: White Sizes: XS - XXL
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