T-Series Premium Topcoats
T-Series Premium Topcoats

T-Series Premium Topcoats

  • Product Code: 0005
  • Manufacturer: ALEXSEAL
  • Color: T9132 CLOUD WHITE
  • Packing: 1 GL

A two component, polyurethane-based coating, designed for exterior and interior applications. ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 has a high gloss wet look which provides superior distinction of image.
The product’s special characteristics ensure a reduction of cleaning and maintenance.
ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 offers excellent gloss and color stability values, even under extreme climatic conditions. Additionally the material is highly resistant to UV rays, salt water, abrasion and fuel.

Base Material T…. ALEXSEAL Premium Topcoat 501 (Base Color)
Converter Spray C5051 ALEXSEAL Topcoat Converter Spray
Converter Brush C5012 ALEXSEAL Topcoat Converter Brush
Reducer Fast R5070 ALEXSEAL Topcoat Reducer Fast (spray)
Reducer Med R5050 ALEXSEAL Topcoat Reducer Medium (spray)

Available Colors:

T9123 Matterhorn White 221, 224, 225
T9130 Off White 234, 232, 225
T9135 Arctic White 222, 222, 216
T9146 Carina White 221, 222, 221
T9132 Cloud White 239, 237, 236
T1150 Cream 238, 223, 201
T9138 Eggshell White
T9128 Oyster White
T9134 Snow White
T9129 Stark White
T9126 Fleet White
T9157 Blue Tone White
T7156 Dark Gray
T7155 Kingston Gray
T7153 Light Gray
T7152 Pearl Gray
T7154 Pegasus Gray
T7151 Whisper Gray
T9232 Super Jet Black
T5154 Aristo Blue
T5152 Capri Blue
T5153 Flag Blue
T5151 Navy Blue
T5150 Royal Blue
T5158 Majestic Blue
T5159 Ice Blue
T5160 Stars & Stripes Blue
T5200 Midnight Blue
T5117 Sky Blue
T5182 Etheral Blue
T6158 Aqua Mist
T6173 Sea Foam Green
T6152 Forest Green
T6150 Jade Mist Green
T6183 Sea Frost
T6155 Dark Green
T3150 Sunfast Red
T3151 Toreador Red
T3153 Vivid Red
T3152 Wine Red
T2165 International Orange 2
T1232 Federal Yellow
T1237 Mellow Yellow
T1164 Fighting Lady Yellow
T1151 Camel Beige
T1158 Moon Dust
T8168 Sable Brown
T1236 San Mateo Wheat
T1152 Savannah Beige
T0943 Silver Metallic
T0953 Storm Gray Metallic
T9449 Dark Black Metallic


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