Snappy Teak-Nu Sealer
Snappy Teak-Nu Sealer

Snappy Teak-Nu Sealer

Deck Maintenance
  • Product Code: 19882
  • Manufacturer: SNAPPY
  • Packing: 475 ML

Snappy Sealer gives your teak a beautiful golden color that not only protects the teak,
but also gives your teak a fresh-cut look throughout the boat season.

Snappy Sealer is more than just a simple teak oil, it contains advanced polymers with the finest teak oil as the base. The polymers form a protective layer against dirt and other contaminants that would otherwise mix with oils over time. This means that a treated teak deck with Snappy Sealer retains its beautiful finish and does not darken over time, as is the case with pure oils. The Snappy Sealer contains a UV protection that not only prevents the sealer from breaking down but also protects the teak from the harmful effects of the UV radiation.

Prevents the wood from becoming gray and weather-worn
Treatment once a year
Protects the wood from stains
UV protection
Easy to apply


475 ML / 950 ML

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