Deck Brushes - 10
Deck Brushes - 10" (25cm)

Deck Brushes - 10" (25cm)

Deck Maintenance
  • Product Code: Deck Brushes
  • Manufacturer: SHURHOLD

Shurhold's quick release SHUR-LOCK system simplifies the maintenance of your boat by allowing you to pair any handle size with any tool head/accessory. From brushes and mops, to fishing nets and even your Go-Pro camera.

Compared to the standard 6" brushes, the larger scrubbing area of the 10" brushes will make short work out of big jobs, ideal for larger yachts or commercial vessels. They positively lock to any Shurhold handle without fear of coming loose or spinning off. The bristles are angled all around the solid wood body to scrub dirt from every angle and to help clean stubborn corners. Each brush is made in the USA and has a wrap-around white rubber bumper that helps prevent accidental scratches or marring while cleaning your boat.

There are four bristle textures available, each designed for a different area of cleaning. The brush textures, intended uses, and Shurhold part numbers are listed below:

Stiff - White polypropylene (acid resistant) bristles for teak, below the water line, and other tough surfaces. (Code# 990)
Medium - Yellow polystyrene bristles for textures and non-skid surfaces. (Code# 985)
Soft - Yellow polystyrene bristles with split end fibers that's safe on gel coat, clear coat, fiberglass, and paint. (Code# 980)
Extra Soft - Blue nylon bristles ideal for delicate surfaces like isinglass and plexiglass. (Code# 975)




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