Adaptors for Polishers
Adaptors for Polishers

Adaptors for Polishers

  • Product Code: 05710
  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Size: 5/8"

Adapts the Superbuff Buffing Pad or Perfect-It Back Up Pad to the shaft of the polisher. This adapter has a 5/8-11 internal thread which turns onto a polisher on one end and a short 5/8-11 external thread on the other end. For use with 3M Superbuff Pads, attaching it to a standard car or boat polisher.

  • Part of a complete assembly for compounding and polishing
  • Designed to attach buffing pads or backup pads to machine polishers
  • Helps reduce wear and vibration
  • Users can change screw-on pads without removing the adaptor, saving time

Dimension: 5/8"

Also Available in M14, Code: 5512 Superbuff Adapter

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