Skipper's Contender Antifouling
Skipper's Contender Antifouling

Skipper's Contender Antifouling

Antifouling Products
  • Product Code: AEM11-3F661310000
  • Manufacturer: SKIPPER'S
  • Color: Black / Red / Blue / Lt Blue
  • Packing: 2.5Lt / 10Lt

Hard matrix long lasting antifouling formulated with high copper content and special ingredients.

Provides a secure protection of the bottom once applied over a suitable primer.

It can be applied on wood, steel and fibreglass boats with speed also over 30 knots.

Not suitable for aluminium boats

Available Color:

  • Rosso (red)
  • Nero (black)
  • Blu (blue)
  • Azzuro (Lt. Blue)


  • 2.5lt
  • 10lt 
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