Fenders HTM- Series
Fenders HTM- Series
Fenders HTM- Series
Fenders HTM- Series

Fenders HTM- Series

Anchoring & Docking
  • Product Code: PLF21-HTM1W
  • Manufacturer: POLYFORM
  • Color: White

The HTM (hole-through-middle), Series fender is designed to provide protection and
stand-off for larger vessels between 20 to 50 feet in length.

HTM Series Features:

  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Molded -in ribs for strength and abrasion resistance
  • Reinforced tube ends
  • Designed for medium - duty use in both permanent protected and unprotected moorings
    • Unique Polyform valve for years of service

      Code Size                         (diameter x length)                               Tube Diameter

      HTM1_                         6.3”x15.5” (16 x 39.4) cm                             1.6 cm

      HTM2_                         8.5”x20.5” (21.6 x 52.1) cm                          1.6 cm   

      HTM3_                         10.5”x27” (26.7 x 68.6 ) cm                          1.6 cm

      HTM4_                         13.5”x34.8” (34.3 x 88.4 ) cm                       1.6 cm

Available Colors in White / Black

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