18" Diameter Fenders

18" Diameter Fenders

Anchoring & Docking
  • Product Code: 1842
  • Manufacturer: AERE Docking Solutions
  • Color: Black

AERÉ 18" Diameter fenders are the solution for many medium sized yachts, both power and sail. For boats ranging in size between 40' and 70', these fenders will be everything you ever need. Up to 10X stronger than your standard vinyl fenders, but can be deflated easily for storage.

        Fender Sizes                                  Code

18" x 42" (46x107) cm                      1842-color

18" x 58" (46x147) cm                      1858-color

18" x 96" (46x244) cm                      1896-color


Available colors: Black, White, Grey, Dark Blue

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