MS Deck Caulking
MS Deck Caulking

MS Deck Caulking

  • Product Code: 1004370
  • Manufacturer: Zucchini Adhesives Sealants
  • Color: Black
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MS Deck Caulking H is a moisture curing one-part sealant based on MS Polymer.
Solventless, isocyanate free, not subjected to schirinkage, after curing it shows good elastic properties,
excellent resistance to UV rays and to moisture. Tested and certified according to the IMO procedures for
surface flammability and approved for use on floor coverings.
• Solventless and isocyanate free.
• No schrinkage and no bubble formation.
• Flexible at low (–40°C) and high (+ 100°C) temperatures.
• Good adhesion to wood, metals, GRP.
• Neutral, odourless, safe in use.
• Low flame spread. MED certified by LAPI.
• Compatible with most paints systems.
• It can be sanded and cutted soon after application.
• Good resistance to UV rays and to salt water.


Color: Black

Packing: 1004370-600ml / 1004718-1000ml


Shore A Hardness (DIN 53505) : 50
55 Tensile strength (DIN 53504) : 2,7 – 3,0 Mpa

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