Winterize your Yacht


Albatros Ltd Yacht Chandlers, over 40 years in supplying high-quality products, have come up with tips that might be interested in having in mind when you are getting ready to winterize your Yacht.

We have asked Kostas and Petros Coveos, Albatros Ltd Yacht Chandlers owners, to give as their insight in that matter:

“Most important is to ensure safe boating by contacting a maintenance checklist throughout the year to ensure more time of use and keeping the value longer”. Greece has become a point of interest to winterize your yacht. Predominantly mild winter conditions ideally for yachts, well developed infrastructure of shipyards, organized Marinas offering high quality services and stable economic environment. Combining all these aspects together with our expertise of yacht chandler, it consists of a comparative advantage to winterize your yacht in Greece.

Check List to follow:

  • Have your Yacht clean, waxed and painted.
  • Check certain systems, liquids to flush, change or add.
  • Drain water and Moisture.
  • Replace filters and close valves.
  • Protect batteries.
  • Check Marine A/C system.
  • Check running gear, anodes.

  * Tips can be considered as guideline only, captain’s recommendation and expertise is valuable, accompany with instructions manuals.