Stay Safe


Back to normal with precautions.

 Here is the schedule that has been set forth for the reopening, but keep in mind that if cases start to surge, this will be revisited.

  • May 4 – people will be free to travel with the area (prefecture) that they reside in without needing to fill out the police form or send a text message.
    • Also, small retail stores  will open as well as churches (but only for people that go in by themselves for prayer).
  • May 11 – some schools will reopen (for those in the grade for ages 16-17).
  • May 17 – churches will reopen but there will be strict rules in place.
  • May 18 – Other grades and classes will reopen.
    • Also, people will be free to travel anywhere within the country, with the possible exception of traveling to the islands (will remain for residents only).
  • June 1 – shopping malls and department stores will reopen and restaurants will be allowed to host guests.
    • Hotels (that are normally operating 12 months a year) will reopen.
    • Domestic flights will start up again.
    • Entertainment and sport arenas will be open (but things like sporting events will either be canceled or held without spectators).


Keep Safe, keep Social Distancing, wear a mask, Follow personal Hygiene